Rollin Coville Photographs

Odonata Gallery

Updated on December 3, 2012

Although I am not an expert on Odonata, I do appreciate these amazing creatures. When opportunities present themselves, I do not hesitate to attempt to get photographs of them.

This gallery displays some of the images I have collected over the years.

Below is a list of the families for which I have one or more photographs. You can either click on the family name links listed below or use the expanding tree on the left to explore the photographs.

Suborder Anisoptera
   Aeshnidae (Darners),
   Gomphidae (Clubtails),
   Libellulidae (Skimmers, Emeralds, Baskettails, Cruisers),
   Petaluridae (Petaltails),

Suborder Zygoptera
   Calopterygidae (Broad-Winged Damselflies),
   Chlorocyphidae (Jewels),
   Lestidae (Spreadwings),
   Coenagrionidae (Pond Damsels),

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