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Hymenoptera Gallery

Updated on December 28, 2012

Hymenoptera, especially bees and wasps, have long been an interest of mine. I began seriously photographing insects in 1980. Oddly enough, I always found wasps and bees to be especially difficult to photograph. That, of course, was during the era of film. The recent transition to digital photography has changed everything and what was difficult is now still challenging but much easier overall. And, now that I am retired I can enjoy photography all the time.

For the past few years I have especially concentrated on photographing bees and insects associated with them. I have been fortunate to work with Dr. Gordon Frankie from UC Berkeley and Dr. Robbin Thorp from UC Davis on Urban bees in California. In Costa Rica I have been working with Dr. Gordon Frankie, Dr. Jerome Rozen from the American Museum of Natural History, and Dr. Brad Vinson from Texas A&M on a variety of projects involving bees. Many of the photographs of identified bees presented here is a result of work with these experts. Identifying bees to genus and species is a difficult task. Dr. Robbin Thorp has provided or verified the names associated with the California bees. Dr. Frankie and Dr. Vinson have been working in Costa Rica for almost 40 years and are familiar with most of the species encountered there. Dr. Terry Griswold at the USDA Bee Lab in Utah has provided names for many voucher specimens from Costa Rica.

I hope you enjoy this growing collection of images.

Below is a list of the families for which I have one or more photographs. You can either click on the family name links listed below or use the expanding tree on the left to explore the photographs.

Suborder Symphyta
   Cimbicidae (Cimbicid Sawflies),
   Orussidae (Parasitic Wood Wasps),
   Siricidae (Horntails),

Suborder Apocrita
   Gasteruptiidae (Carrot Wasps),
   Ichneumonidae (Ichneumon Wasps),
   Chrysididae (Cuckoo Wasps),
   Formicidae (Ants,
   Mutillidae (Velvet Ants,
   Pompilidae Spider Wasps,
   Scoliidae Scoliid Wasps,
   Vespidae (Yellow Jackets, Hornets, Paper Wasps, etc.),
   Ampulicidae (Cockroach Wasps),
   Crabronidae (Crabronid Wasps),
   Sphecidae (Thread-waisted Wasps),
   Andrenidae (Mining Bees),
   Apidae (Cuckoo, Carpenter, Digger, Bumble and Honey Bees),
   Colletidae (Cellophane, Plasterer and Yellow-faced Bees),
   Halictidae (Sweat Bees,
   Megachilidae (Leaf Cutter, Mason, and Wool-carder Bees),
   Melittidae (Melittid Bees)

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